Classlist is a secure website helping school parents connect with each other to arrange playdates, liftshares, birthday parties, social events, fundraising activities, buy, sell and exchange personal items with parents, seek advice and recommendations. Classlist provides a directory of class parents accessible on all electronic devices including mobile. Plus it offers a private social network where parents can organise social activities.

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Preparing spreadsheets or Word documents is a significant hassle for the class rep. It takes ages for everybody to sign up, and once they do, details change and need to be corrected. Parents then have to find the right spreadsheet, somewhere in their email. More importantly, sending sensitive information as an email attachment is far from secure. Many email systems are relatively open to attack particularly when transmitting unencrypted files.

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Classlist is a start-up business set up by school parents. It needs funding to cover the costs of system maintenance, upgrades and security; marketing, and its staff. It generates revenue from advertising. Parents, schools and PTAs do not pay for Classlist services.

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