We have been using Classlist successfully for the last academic year. It has really helped parents share contact details which we, as a school, aren't now allowed to give out due to data protection issues. As a result of this new parents can be quickly assimilated into the school community and questions and knowledge about the school shared. The new car share aspect of the site should be a real help going forward, particularly in the light of the proposed roadworks in Oxford city centre from the summer. Any initial fears that the site could turn into a mini-mumsnet were unfounded.

Classlist.com has been a hugely welcome change to the way class reps at our school operate. Previously, class lists were made up of word documents, periodically updated for each family's changes and then emailed back to the class. I am not sure anyone in the class knew which list was the right one to use! This easy-to-use system for parents of inputting personal information makes the job of gathering and updating details so incredibly easy - in fact class reps don't have to do a thing. They can concentrate on using schoolclasslist to add discussions on relevant topics, organise social events, take payment for functions (rather than collecting money themselves - a real bonus!) and to join groups on the website that help them as parent connect with other like-minded people e.g. the dog lovers group (a recent favourite!)



"The junior school days when you know all your child’s friends by name, know where they live and can send your child to parties with a beaming face and full confidence seem to pass very quickly. With the move up to senior school you simply don’t get to know so many parents, even within a strong school community, as your child is more independent and their friendship group grows continuously. Invitations to parties can come thick and fast and as a parent you always have a difficult judgement call to make. Whilst you want your son or daughter to have good friends and socialise, you are constantly worrying whether an invitation is genuine, do the party holder’s parents actually know about the party, will they be there and who else is going. One of the benefits of having Classlist at Caterham is that it brings a quick and direct way of checking out all of those worries so you can make good, informed decisions that back up all you are trying to teach your child without clipping their fledgling wings unnecessarily."


I have found it a fantastic tool. I asked for money for the teacher's gift and was given the money almost immediately by people. We used to get paper classlists issued by the school, and then some lawyers said that was not privacy compliant and they had to stop. The school didn't think it was an issue not to have them, but we need to know contact details.  Before we had Classlist, one letter of my email was wrong on the paper version classlist. It took me a month to get the rep to change it. Then I still kept missing out on events and messages as parents used the old list. Now I am a class rep we have Classlist.com


"From the first time I clicked on Classlist.com, I knew this was the website that Class Reps and parents had been waiting for! With two children in different schools, both of which have utilised Classlist.com, my life has now become much simpler. No more bits of paper from Class Reps in school bags, and the ability to communicate with parents so easily and safely are both appealing aspects of the site.

If a new child joins the school, as soon as their parent registers they'll appear on the classlist and will get included in messages, without the Class Rep having to send out a new classlist. That also makes inviting people to birthday parties much easier, as you know you have an up to date list. The Class Reps are organising more parent social events, because it is so easy to collect the money.

The added bonus of the new lift sharing section helped me find a parent in a similar situation to me to share the school run with. Both schools have used the website in different ways. I think they have barely touched the surface of what the website can offer. Thank you Classlist.com "



"Classlist is the most fantastic thing, as both a parent and a school administrator at two different schools using it.  We moved back from living abroad with 3 children and would have loved to have had Classlist at the time to ask other parents questions when we arrived, and to meet people.  Classlist has plugged such a gap.  It is designed to be parent-run, which is brilliant.  And working in a school office it is a nightmare to deal with releasing information to parents, so it is fantastic for schools too if parents are using Classlist".


 “I’ve made friends through Classlist. We adopted it recently and not only did I get an invitation to Christmas drinks from someone I didn’t know before, but also we used it to organize the teacher’s Christmas present and presentation – which the other parents really appreciated.
“Parents often tell me they feel isolated if they can’t get to the school in person but Classlist has brought them back into the school community. “


“Parents can RSVP, charge the event to PayPal and we can keep account of everything all on one platform. We were very grateful for how easy it made organizing our parents’ Christmas party with drinks and food in a pub.”

See Professor Cohen Kadosh's interview here.

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